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Developer plans gated community in Groves

Updated: Thursday, August 21 2014, 01:39 AM CDT
GROVES - by Lauren Huet

Plans are underway for the biggest subdivision in Groves in about 35 years. It will be built on the former Patch golf course, which is now closed. The city manager says it could bring millions of dollars in new value to the city.

Johnny Simpson owns a home next to the Pea Patch Golf Course. It's closed, but there is a plan to bring new life to the surrounding area.

"I think it's going to be alright," said Simpson. "I believe it will probably upgrade the whole area over here."

"We're currently reorganizing a little bit of the green spaces to provide a larger park area in the center of the neighborhood," said Thomas Cormier of Albanese Cormier Holdings, pointing to a tentative development map. "And they'll have the walking paths all the way around."

A Beaumont based real estate development company, Albanese Cormier, bought the property late last year.

"It was a unique opportunity with a very large parcel of land in Groves, which is really hard to find," said Cormier, "and with this opportunity we are going to be able to have a master plan 177 unit residential subdivision."

A plan to create a gated community, Indian Springs, with winding streets and green space.

"We think it's a great community to live in and based on the response that we had in Nederland, we're expecting the same or similar response in the Groves area as well," said Cormier.

Albanese Cormier also owns a gated community in Nederland called Sterling Ridge. Cormier says Indian Springs will look similar to Sterling Ridge, with winding roads, walking trails, and a large central park.

"That's the biggest subdivision to be built in Groves in probably 35 years," said Groves City Manager D.E. Sosa.

"I think it is fantastic, it is a tremendous boost, and we're landlocked, we have no industry," said Sosa. "So, what we see in our growth as far as our values, and that's what dictates how much money we are going to get into the city is our values, and those values go up when you build brand new homes."

Sosa says the development could generate 30 million dollars in new value to Groves.

"Thirty million dollars of additional value in the city of Groves at our tax rate is 210 thousand dollars of actual new tax money coming in," said Sosa. "Where you're not raising taxes, this is brand new growth of new people paying these taxes."

A city with a historic golf course closed, but new opportunities opening in its place. Albanese Cormier plans to break ground in the first quarter of 2015.
Developer plans gated community in Groves

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