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More families moving to Orangefield; learn why

Updated: Saturday, August 30 2014, 03:07 AM CDT
ORANGEFIELD - by Lauren Huet

Enrollment at Orangefield ISD is at a record high. More families are moving into the community, and the population boom is affecting more than just the school district. New homes are springing up around Orangefield.

"Well we moved to Orangefield mainly for the school district," said Jerry Brown.

About three years ago, Brown and his family moved from Orange to Bobcat Trails in Orangefield.

"We've heard a lot of our friends who have moved to the area as well talk about the school district in a very good way," said Brown. "So, we thought if our kids decide to go to a public school that that would be the best place for them to go."

The superintendent of Orangefield ISD says enrollment is at an all time high of 1,777 students.

"That is very exciting," said Superintendent Dr. Stephen Patterson. "That's about 40 kids above where we were in previous years. So much so that we are looking for additional staff at our elementary school already."

He says more families are moving to Orangefield.

"In Orangefield we've had some new housing additions come in, and so with the addition of new homes brings young families to the area," said Dr. Patterson. "Also I think that our instructional staff has done a great job, it's a desirable place. People enjoy our community and want to live here."

Re/Max Platinum in Bridge City says there is only one lot left for sale in Bobcat Trails, and it's a commercial lot. The rest are owned by builders or individuals. A spokesperson says they wouldn't be surprised if lots also sell quickly in a new development down the street, Twin Lakes Estates, because of the interest in Orangefield.

John Montagne is one of the builders in Bobcat Trails. He's seen a big increase in people moving to town during the last few years.

"Typically, the last five or six houses, we pour the slab and before we get the studs up we've already found a buyer and we're moving towards a contract," said Montagne.

His wife has lived in Orangefield her entire life.

"It actually is booming, the kids in the school there's way more students than when I went to school in each of the grades," said Janet Montagne.

"Quite a bit of people coming from Mid-County, Lumberton area coming here. They like the schools, they like the small town atmosphere, everybody kind of knows each other," said John Montagne.

A small community welcoming plenty of new neighbors.
More families moving to Orangefield; learn why

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