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BISD enrollment down on the first day; that could change

Updated: Tuesday, August 26 2014, 01:57 AM CDT
BEAUMONT - by Jennifer Gordy

The first day of school for students at King Middle School means more kids at one school. 

For Principal Dana Lewis, it's more than just the first day, it's a new day for the district.

Lewis says, "We are excited about this opportunity to merge two middle schools Austin and King, but more importantly it's the merging of the community. I think it's kind of symbolic. We are in a new place now, a new superintendent.  It's a unique opportunity for us to all be positive and move forward."

Budget cuts, campus changes and a reduction in force.  Actions that have caused uncertainty for many over the summer.

Some campuses are starting the school year with fewer teachers than are needed to meet the district's student to teacher ratio of  28 to one for regular classes.

Lewis says King Middle School is five teachers short, but they did bring in substitute teachers to help with the first few days.

The Superintendent. Vern Butler, says once all the students are counted, they will work towards a proper teacher to student ratio.

Butler says, "Now, we may need to transfer some teachers that have low enrollments in some schools to other schools."  Butler is upbeat heading into the new school year.

Butler says, "Everyone has been positive and everyone is ready for change."

And Lewis says Butler has a motto of no excuses:

"That's the charge from our superintendent no excuses and so it comes from the top and it's trickling down," Lewis said.

King Middle School Assistant Principal, LaChandra Cobb adds, "Change welcomes a challenge  and that's kind of exciting because you have the opportunity to raise academic standards and meet new students and get more parents involved, pretty good opportunity to have."

It's a challenge welcomed by those embracing change.
BISD enrollment down on the first day; that could change

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