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Bridge City residents still having problems with water; city working to fix water problems

Updated: Monday, August 18 2014, 11:49 PM CDT
BRIDGE CITY- by Haley Bull

Some people in Bridge City said they have brown water coming out of their faucets, while the city said it's doing everything it can to remedy the issue.

The problem was brought to light when residents took to social media about two weeks ago.

Pictures popped up over the weekend of sinks and tubs filled with brown, yellow and dirty water on the Facebook group "Bridge City Water Problems."

Edwin Martin follows the page. His water is clear now, but that wasn't always the case.

"Had problems with water being dark, algae growing real bad in the toilets and everything and we got tired of it," Martin said.

About a year and a half ago, Martin took matters into his own hands. He installed a water filtration system.

"Since we've gotten this filtration system we've gotten no other problems," Martin said. "The water is crystal clear. You can drink it, it's just like bottled water."

People still having problems with brown water are documenting it on the Facebook group. Once the page was created about two weeks ago, the city said it received more than 80 water related calls in the following days.

"I understand there are people who are still having brown water, we're certainly trying to remedy that every night," Bridge City City Manager Jerry Jones said.

The solution focuses on a chemical the city adds to the water at the treatment plant.

"We've discovered that some of our Napco feed pumps were feeding at too high of a rate," Bridge City Utility Coordinator Mike Die said. "What we've had now is the buildup of that chemical which has caused like a sloughing effect that is just keeping it stirred up."

The city is replacing pumps and lines and flushing the water.

"We finished replacing the last pump Friday so we're hoping by the end of this week to have a good grip on the chemical," Die said.

The city is exploring options to keep the water clear.

"We've looked at dead end lines, we have a list of those that we're going to loop. We've looked at areas that do not have flush outs, we are going to install those, we've already started that. We've had people come in and do a chemical analysis of the water," Jones said.

Jones said the city is also looking at the possibility of filtration systems.

It's something that's already working at Edwin Martin's house for an extra $62 a month.

"I've got great-grandkids and stuff come over here and they drink it and the grandkids drink it, I just want my water to be clean," Martin said.

The water issue is on the agenda for Tuesday night's Bridge City council meeting.

Bridge City residents still having problems with water; city working to fix water problems

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