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Football player gets helmet sensors to monitor hits to prevent concussions

Updated: Wednesday, August 20 2014, 10:40 PM CDT
BEAUMONT - by Kara Dixon

Blaine Prejean started playing football as a fourth grader. Now, a senior at Monsignor Kelly High School and three concussions later, Prejean has learned it is one of the more dangerous parts of the game.

"I got upset because I wanted to go out there. There was nothing wrong with me physically, but I didn't understand in the long run it would mess with my head," Prejean said.

This season, Kelly will use sensors in their helmets to monitor hits on players like Prejean.

James Ashby is the athletic trainer at Kelly. He says the sensors show different levels of impact from a hit. If the sensors show a medium or hard hit, the player will come out of practice or the game for a concussion test.

"It's not the impact that causes the damage to the brain, but it's the brain moving inside our skulls hitting the inside of the bone of the skull," said Ashby.

He says players with concussions can be out between a week or a whole season.

"It's far reaching and they tend to compound on each other. If you don't give them time to heal, they'll get worse," Ashby said.

The team currently has six sensors. Four are for players who may get injured in the upcoming seasons and two are for players, like Prejean, who have a history of concussions.

"They maybe have a concussion or sustain another concussion, but we're done for the day and we may start again tomorrow. Does that mean anything's wrong? No, but they have a pre-exisiting condition so we want to protect them," said Ashby.Football player gets helmet sensors to monitor hits to prevent concussions

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