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Former Orange County youth minister set to serve more prison time than expected

Updated: Saturday, August 16 2014, 03:26 AM CDT
ORANGE COUNTY - A former youth minister convicted of sexually assaulting
two teenage girls is facing a prison sentence twice as long as he might
have expected.

A district court judge in Orange County has decided on what amounts to a 30-year sentence for Joshua McDonald.

pled guilty to sexually assaulting two young girls. A jury heard
evidence in the punishment phase this week. On Wednesday, the panel said
McDonald should receive 15 years in prison for each of the six counts
of sexual assault.

He would have served the sentences at the same time, meaning a maximum of 15 years.

on Friday, Judge Courtney Arkeen decided Mcdonald should serve two of
the terms consecutively meaning a maximum of 30 years.

He will have to spend at least half that time or 15 years behind bars, before he is eligible for parole.

prosecutor says parents and pastors are people we should be able to
blindly trust with children and when they violate the trust., hey need
to face serious punishment.

We asked district attorney John
Kimbrough about the sentence. He told us: "I think it's appropriate. It
could have been a lot worse. It could have been 90 years. I think it's
fair. It's a difficult case. Our prayers go out to everyone involved."Former Orange County youth minister set to serve more prison time than expected

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