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Is BISD appointment of Interim Special Education Director nepotism?

Updated: Tuesday, June 10 2014, 10:17 PM CDT
BEAUMONT - By Jennifer Gordy

Amid the massive demonstration Monday night outside the Beaumont ISD Administration building with dozens of students fighting for teachers' jobs, an employment decision the superintendent made may have fallen below the radar screen for some.

Dr. Timothy Chargois named Trustee Terry Williams' wife  Debra Williams as the new Interim Special Education Director.

During Monday night's budget hearing,  Beaumont School Superintendent Dr. Timothy Chargois announced the appointment of the Interim Special Education Director. Chargois said he had the authority to do so without board approval.

A move that greatly bothered and surprised attorney Hubert Oxford, the Fourth, a frequent critic of the district.. Oxford believes this is a case of nepotism which is defined in the BISD employee handbook.

Oxford says, "I would hope that after spending a million dollars in legal fees last year that they asked about this, but from what I can tell if Debra was hired in 2009. They got married in 2010, Then, that lady should not be working there. Her job should have ended the day they got married."

Attorney Mike Getz says he believes the board and superintendent should be doing everything they can to avoid the even the appearance of impropriety. Getz says,  "Why even go down this path at this point when everyone is looking under a microscope. If she is, in fact, married to Terry Williams and he undoubtedly knows she's married to a trustee, I would be very careful to appoint her with those laws on the books."
Laws that oxford thinks those involved may be trying to get around.
Oxford says, "Obviously, the designation of Interim Special Education Coordinator had something to do to circumvent nepotism laws, but even according the the AG she is still subject to the nepotism laws and should not have that job." Oxford adds it's a poke in the eye to the community,
"And why they would do this five days before a hearing."

A hearing to determine if BISD gets a temporary injunction to prevent the state from taking over the district.Is BISD appointment of Interim Special Education Director nepotism?

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