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Jury finds Kelvin Roy guilty of murder

Updated: Thursday, August 28 2014, 01:14 AM CDT
ORANGE - A jury has convicted Kelvin Roy of murdering a Vidor teenager -- 16-year-old Lexi Bertrand -- after crashing into her family's vehicle.

Fox 4's Haley Bull is covering the trial of Kelvin Roy. Stay with Fox 4 News and for updates.

The jury in Judge Dennis Powell's courtroom began deliberating at about 2:15 p.m. Wednesday and returned with the guilty verdict shortly before 4:45 p.m. The judge told the crowd there should be on outbursts. There were gasps and cries from the audience when the verdict was announced.

Roy, 32, could receive up to a life sentence. The punishment phase is tentatively set to begin at 9 a.m. Thursday.

The trial began Monday in Judge Dennis Powell's court.

Roy was convicted of murder in the death of Alexandria Bertrand, 16, known as Lexy to her family and friends. She was a student at Vidor High School.

The teen died following a collision February 7 on Old Highway 90 in Vidor. Investigators say Kelvin Roy crashed into a van driven by the teen's mother. Bertrand died at a hospital the following day.

Prosecutors say Roy deliberately drove into the van while high on drugs. His girlfriend was in the car with him when he left Beaumont and got onto the Interstate. She says he never tried to stop when he crashed into the van. Roy's attorney says his client didn't intend to crash into the van.

During closing arguments, prosecutors showed a picture of Lexy smiling and then showed the jury an autopsy picture. There were gasps and tears.

The prosecutor said, "this case is about Lexy Bertrand, this beautiful, 16 year old girl, a big sister to three young brothers."

The prosecutor showed a picture of an identification bracelet around Bertrand's ankle and said, "this band around her ankle is the last piece of jewelry Lexy will ever receive or wear. There won't be a senior ring. There won't be a wedding ring. There won't be a locket that had maybe a lock of her child's hair in it. This is it."

Here is a summary of closing arguments and reporting from Haley via Twitter (from most recent to earliest):

Roy's handcuffs are back on as he is taken out of the courtroom during the recess.

Arguments are finished. Jury deliberations are starting.

Prosecutor: "the loss to Lexy's family and the community cannot be restored."

Roy appears neutral throughout the arguments.

Prosecutor tells jurors voluntary intoxication is not a defense.

Prosecutor says about Roy's testimony: "that's not what happened... That's not what the evidence shows in this case, not at all."

Prosecutor asks jury about Brown: "what reason does she have to lie? Really? She doesn't."

State making final argument.

"... There's no way he intended to hurt anybody."

He says "a murder indictment doesn't fit these facts. It's a manslaughter case clear and simple"..

Attorney: "if this was less tragic I believe it would have been charged as manslaughter."

Attorney says jury will have to decide between Roy and Brown's story, "would you invest with her? I wouldn't feel comfortable."

Attorney said "there really wasn't much an investigation done", that state is asking jury to believe intoxicated woman

Attorney about Roy: "I'm not trying to say he's innocent..." Goes on to say but "the intent to murder doesn't add up."

Attorney says about Brown: "the greater fact is the inconsistency, someone going back and forth on this can't be trusted."

Attorney says medical records and notes do not show Brown mentioning Roy tried to kill her.

Attorney shows Brown's record from the emergency room, showing intoxication, claiming that contradicts her statements to jury.

Attorney says all of the sudden she's involved in a huge wreck and thinks "I need to get out of this situation."

Attorney argues Brown had a reason to lie.

Attorney: "all the evidence they had supported intoxication and not intent", toxicology reports showed clear evidence of drinking and drugs."

Attorney: "the evidence is overwhelming for intoxication."

Attorney says Brown's testimony was only one for intent.

Asks jury to "ignore the emotional onslaught" prosecutors showed, says it was added for shock value.

And the consequences are what they are."

Prosecutor: "basically what he did was he might have strapped a parachute to his back, stepped out of a plane..."

Talking about Roy's drug use, prosecutor says "picking up that PCP cigarette was a choice the defendant made."

Prosecutor tells jury witness accounts contradict Roy's statements, asks where was the man he was going to pay during the case?

Prosecutor quotes a witness, saying Brown told the witness after the impact "he's trying to kill us.

Prosecutor is summarizing witness testimony on hearing the acceleration right before the crash.

Prosecutor says Brown is "no shining nickle"... But "that's his association, that's his girlfriend."

".. There won't be a locket that had maybe a lock of her child's hair in it, this is it."

"Is the last piece of jewelry that Lexy will ever receive or wear. There won't be a senior ring, there won't be a wedding ring."

Showing picture of identification bracelet around Bertrand's ankle, prosecutor says: "This band around her ankle..."

Prosecutor shows a picture of a smiling Bertrand to the jury, followed by an autopsy photo. Gasps and years from audience follow.

Prosecutor: "this case is about Lexy Bertrand, this beautiful, 16 year old girl, a big sister to three young brothers."

Prosecutor: "Lexy is a victim of the defendant's intended consequences."

State starting closing arguments.

And if the act caused Bertrand's death.

The jury will consider if Roy intentionally tried to injure Brown, if Roy intentionally drove the vehicle into another...

And committing an act, running his vehicle into another, causing the death of Lexy Bertrand.\Judge is explaining to the jury the charge. Roy's accused of intending to cause serious bodily injury to Taralynn Brown, his girlfriend.

Trial is back underway. Roy is charged with murder, he pleads not guilty

Jury finds Kelvin Roy guilty of murder

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