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KBTV learns of additional proposed BISD layoffs

Updated: Tuesday, June 17 2014, 10:25 PM CDT
KBTVhas learned of the additional layoffs to Beaumont superintendent's initial Reduction in Force List.

Texas Education Agency conservator Fred Shafer directed Dr. Timothy Chargois last week to draft a second list of administrative positions to be cut that would save the district more than $2 million.

The district released the additional positions Monday in an an addendum to Thursday's budget meeting. They include only three positions: Eagle Librarian, School Business Volunteer Supervisor and Supervisor of Special Education.

Debra Williams held the position of supervisor of special education, according to district records. However, at the last board meeting, Dr. Chargois announced Debra Williams as the new interim director of special education.Williams is the wife of trustee Terry Williams.KBTV learns of additional proposed BISD layoffs

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