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Lightning sets off seven fires; Wildfires burn out of control

Updated: Monday, July 14 2014, 12:44 AM CDT
Fox 4 News - Thick smoke filled the skies over Southeast Texas Sunday as a wildfire burns at the McFaddin Wildlife Refuge.

It was dangerous for drivers. Sergeant chance with the Port Arthur Police Department says there was a three-vehicle crash due to heavy smoke which blinded drivers.

Fish and Wildlife official Craig Crenshaw tells Fox 4 News that there were six fires that started up due to lightning strikes on Saturday.

Crenshaw says three of the fires were at the McFaddin Wildlife Refuge and the other three were on private property, one of which was in Sabine Pass.

Another lightning strike today set off a fire at the Anahuac Wildlife Refuge in Chambers County.

Wind from the storms has been feeding the flames all across the area.

Port police have blocked off Highway 87 near Sea Rim State Park because of the heavy smoke. Caution is advised if driving in that area.

No one was injured during the three-vehicle crash, said Sgt. Chance.Lightning sets off seven fires; Wildfires burn out of control

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