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Local couple finds grenade in closet

Updated: Saturday, May 17 2014, 10:30 PM CDT
FOX 4 News - A couple living in Cheek found something unusual in their closet today. They called 9-1-1 after finding a grenade.

Doug Nelson wasn't expecting his wife to hand him a grenade this morning, as he lay resting in bed at their home in Cheek.

"I thought maybe I had done something wrong, or maybe she was trying to get rid of me. No I'm just kidding," laughed Nelson.

She found it as she looked through a box of her father's old belongings in their closet. Her father served in World War II.

"He brought it back as a souvenir," said Nelson. "We had no idea what to expect."

Not knowing whether or not the grenade was live, Nelson called 911.

"This is something that a lot of people did bring back at that point in time, as souvenirs from the Korean War, and World War II is where I've seen them for the most part," said Deputy Rod Carroll with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

Jefferson County Sheriff's deputies and agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms moved the grenade away from any houses. Then, they sent a charge through it.

"We went ahead and rendered it safe using a discharge of a small explosive device," said Carroll, "causing the device to become inept at that time."

Although this grenade didn't have explosive powder inside, it still had a charge.

"It could have gone off, but it wouldn't have been explosive at that point in time, it did not have the packed explosive inside," said Carroll. "This thing was just what it was, it was a souvenir that had been brought back."

However, it could have gone differently.

"There have been instances over the past few years here in Texas, actually Central Texas. A grenade was found by some children, knocked over and it went off at that point in time killing the two children. Somebody had brought it back as a souvenir from the Korean War," said Carroll.

Nelson is glad today has a happy ending.

"We've got this behind us, so, hopefully we won't find another one," said Nelson.

 After it's glued back together, the Nelsons will be able to safely hold on to this souvenir. If you find a grenade, perhaps one brought back as a souvenir by a veteran relative, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office urges you to call 911.
Local couple finds grenade in closet

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