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Murder trial for man charged with killing Vidor teen in crash

Updated: Tuesday, August 26 2014, 10:44 PM CDT
ORANGE COUNTY - Witnesses for the prosecution tonight have offered damaging testimony in the trial of a man charged with deliberately driving into a van and causing a collision that killed a teenage girl from Vidor.

Kelvin Roy, 32, could receive up to a life sentence if a jury in Orange County convicts him of murder. His trial began Monday in Judge Dennis Powell's court.

Roy is charged with murder in the death of Alexandria Bertrand, 16, known as Lexy to her family and friends. She was a student at Vidor High School.

The teen died following a collision February 7 on Old Highway 90 in Vidor. Investigators say Kelvin Roy crashed into a van driven by the teen's mother. Bertrand died at a hospital the following day.

Prosecutors say Roy deliberately drove into the van while high on drugs. His girlfriend was in the car with him when he left Beaumont and got onto the Interstate. She says he never tried to stop when he crashed into the van. Roy's attorney says his client didn't intend to crash into the van.

It was a long, and at points, emotional day in court, as the case entered its second day of trial.

Today the jury heard hours of testimony from police, a trooper and toxicologists, describing the crash scene and what their investigations revealed.

A Vidor police officer said Bertrand's mother told them they were on their way from Walmart to a dollar store, because Lexy wanted to buy something for a boy she liked. The officer described the wreck saying, "It just looked like a war zone, like a bomb went off."

A Vidor police sergeant said, "That's probably one of the worst accidents I have seen, especially in that area."

A Vidor police officer who saw Roy after the collision described Roy as "lethargic. That he just kind of had this wild, thousand yard stare."

Officers described finding clear, plastic bags of what they believes to be marijuana near Roy's car and a bag filled with what they believed to be crack cocaine in the driver's side of the car.

Toxicogists testified Roy tested positive for THC and PCP in blood samples.

An analyst revealed his blood alcohol level, though, was within legal limits.

Roy's attorney made a point to ask each officer if they had evidence Roy intended to cause the wreck.

Roy appeared neutral throughout the trial.

There were tears from Bertrand's family and friends when the prosecution showed jurors pictures of the mangled van after the wreck.

The trial will continue Wednesday morning when the prosecution is expected to call one more witness.
Murder trial for man charged with killing Vidor teen in crash

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