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SETX couple stranded overnight on isolated stretch of beach

Updated: Saturday, August 16 2014, 03:26 AM CDT
Fox 4 News - by Justin Hinton

Deputies are
warning drivers to stay away from the area between High Island and
Sabine Pass, what used to be Highway 87 after a couple was stranded

Deputies say the couple was heading to UTMB Hospital in Galveston Wednesday when they got stuck.

hadn't driven down that road in 30 years," said Deputy Russ Franklin
with the marine division of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

He was one of the deputies flying in the county helicopter in the area Thursday and spotted the couple.

He says they tried to call several wrecking companies, only one got through, but the company never showed up.

He says the two were without water and food for a day before they discovered them.

They also discovered a dog on board, who they rescued as well.
was a little tiny thing. I was more concerned about getting [the
people] loaded up and transported out, but the little dog sat right up
in the seat. Didn't care. The noise didn't bother him," he said.

They boarded the people onto the helicopter and the wrecker eventually showed up to take the truck off the beach.

wrecker service did get out there, did get it before any water got
inside the vehicle, so he's on good shape on that," said Franklin.

Last summer, Franklin experienced something similar with a man whose vehicle got stuck along the same stretch of road.

were in a pickup truck looking for him. We found the truck, but the
game warden had actually found the woman and the child before we got
there. Our pickup truck couldn't go where he had walked, but the ATVs
could. That's why they were able to get him," he said.

Though not illegal, it's one of the reasons he's encouraging people to stay away from the area.

signs are there for a reason and for their safety. It's not wise to
drive in that area, even if you have a four-wheel drive," he said.SETX couple stranded overnight on isolated stretch of beach

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