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Students prepare for school supply donations to BISD teachers

Updated: Thursday, August 21 2014, 01:39 AM CDT
BEAUMONT - By Jennifer Gordy

Students  are getting ready to go back to school, but the supplies they're buying Wednesday at Target are for Beaumont teachers.

Supply fundraiser organizer, Sarah Sanders, "We hope to lessen the financial burden on the teachers because they have been through so much this summer as everyone has seen and we just want to help them out in some way."

Sarah Sanders and Austin Bienvenu have been trying to help the teachers from the moment they learned some of them would lose their jobs.

Bienvenu says, "At first, we were just trying to save the teachers jobs." They demonstrated outside several BISD board meetings.

Now, they're turning the anger into a different kind of action.

"We realized they're not gonna have any money to buy supplies this year and so it eventually led to this to keep helping teachers because that has been our goal all along."

What began as small fundraisers has grown into something larger than the volunteers could have imagined.

Sanders says, "So, we are probably expecting a little over $25,000 by the end of today we have a few more checks coming in."

Volunteers are bringing the supplies to BISD headquarters for sorting.

All that work builds up an appetite. The Beaumont Emergency Center donated pizza to feed the hungry volunteers.

Beaumont Emergency Center VP of Business Development, Jill Shipp, says, "I think it says that we're a family.  You know families go through thick times and thin times.  You band together and the most important thing in any family is children and they rely on us to help them to be successful one day and so that's what we are doing we are taking care of our family."

Bienvenu says,  "It makes me feel like the whole community has just come together to solve a problem."

Students prepare for school supply donations to BISD teachers

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