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Lamar football gets device to help manage concussions

Updated: Wednesday, September 4 2013, 10:35 PM CDT
Three players on Lamar's football team have already received concussions this season, but thanks to a new device, athletic trainers and coaches are finding ways to better manage them.    Athletic trainer Josh Yonker walked Justin Hinton through the process of how it works.It may look small, but the $15,000 device tests a number of things.One of which is balance.The trainers then compare the post-concussion results with the pre-concussion results.But even after the new results return to normal, there is still some time before the athlete can head back onto the field.They received the device a couple of weeks ago.They have a few more football players to test to get their baseline results.Lamar football gets device to help manage concussions

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