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Clouds will continue to move in in the wake of a front that is helping to bring in slightly cooler temperatures over the weekend. We'll start rain chances in at 30% for Saturday afternoon, but ramp that up to 60% on Sunday.



Lakes Area Forecast.....


Tonight......Mostly cloudy skies.  Lows in the lower 40's.  Winds becoming northerly at 5-16 mph.  No rain expected.




Saturday.....Mostly cloudy skies with a 30% coverage of showers.  Highs in the upper 50's.  Winds mostly northeasterly at 6-18 mph. 




Triangle Forecast.....


Tonight.......Partly cloudy skies.  Lows in the middle 40's.  Winds mostly northwest to north at 5-15 mph.  No rain expected.




Saturday...........Mostly cloudy skies with a 30% coverage of showers.  Highs in the lower 60's.  Winds mostly northeasterly at 6-20 mph.





Updated..........4:30 A.M. 01/30/15

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