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A dry weather pattern will continue for the next few days with below normal temperatures.  In fact, scattered frost can be expected Sunday morning over the Lakes Area.  A warming trend will begin early next week with a good coverage of showers and thunderstorms by the middle and later part of next week.



Lakes Area Forecast.....


Tonight.....Clear and cold.  Lows in the upper 30's to near 40.  Winds light north to northeast at 2-10 mph.  No rain expected.



Saturday.....Sunny.  Highs near 60.  Winds northeasterly at 3-14 mph.  No rain expected.




Triangle Forecast.....


Tonight.......Clear and cold.  Lows in the lower 40's.  Winds north to northeast at 2-12 mph.  No rain expected. 



Saturday.....Sunny.  Highs in the lower 60's.  Winds northeasterly at 5-18 mph.  No rain expected.






Updated..........4:13 P.M. 10/31/14

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